Saturday 8 AM

We groomed up everything posted except a section of Jack Pine North of River House was flooded. The trails are covered but the base is thin. most importantly to note is that the temp stayed at 32 all night and the thin base is soft. The best skiing today will be with skin skis or waxless skis striding. Trails open at 10 today, the SKI SHOP SALE continues

Friday 5 PM

We will be re-opening the ski trails and the SKI SHOP at 10 AM Saturday.  We picked up about 1-2 inches of dense snow so far today. We plan to let this snow dry out as temps drop tonight and groom early in the AM.  I don’t know exactly what we will groom and track but I will forecast : Groomed for skating River and side loops, Blueberry return Meadow Ridge, Cherry, Rascals Spanky’s ,Tamarack or about 22 km. Classic only groomed with or without track, Hemlock. Jack Pine White Pine, Sunset 12 km, combo trails groomed with classic Track 15 km. I expect the trails to be covered similar to last weekend but with a few more wet spots from the warm temps. Sunday I expect the trails to be firmer, flatter and better skiing than Saturday.  Monday is forecast warm , most likely we would close again until the Thanksgiving.  Please note that we will be opening at 10 AM Saturday, 9 AM Sunday; closing time will be 4:30 PM both days.

Thursday noon

We are just coming  in from grooming and we see that the new snow is still quite warm. We groomed the new 2 inches but the base is not frozen and not skiable. We will not open for Friday. We will try to open for Saturday but it depends on temps and weather. Ski Shop Sale continues Saturday 10-3 even if trails are closed.

Wednesday 6 PM

The temps have dropped below freezing to 29 and it has been snowing a heavy dense snow. We will groom it Thursday during the day as the temps are dropping and we will re-open if possible Friday for skiing.

Tuesday 3 PM

We are closing now, this afternoon for skiing until we get the cold temps back and another inch or so of snow. I hope it is in the next day or so. We keep the website updated