Monday 6 PM

I groomed about 20 km of trails last night, the main Skate/classic trails. I groomed one pass on the skate lanes and left the classic tracks alone.  The narrow “classic only”  trails have not been groomed in a while, they have some ruts and berms from the warm weekend of skiers and they have pine needles and leaves. I plan to groom about 20 km again in the AM.

Sunday 9 pm

Just coming in from grooming tonight  the trails are grooming up as cold dry powder. I groomed 20 km of skate lanes. The Trails are still well covered . closed off the Highlands tonight, We will not be grooming to the south for a few days or until we get new snow. Classic Tracks are well formed on the combination trails 20 km, but worn a bit on the classic only, all classic tracks are a bit glazed.

Saturday 6 pm

we had another super day of skiing mild temps and sunshine. We groomed all the skate lanes this morning and left the classic tracks alone. Some are a bit glazed. The snow cover is holding up fine.  We will check the highlands and south trails when the grooming crew is out in the early am. If we find they took a beating today, we will close the south trails and go back to the 45k of old ABR trails for a few days. Don’t miss demo days Sunday 10-2 and the Toko wax clinic at 2.

Friday 5:15PM

Great day of skiing today.  the snow mostly stayed cold dry powder except southen exposed slopes. We had 4 groomers out this morning and we have 4 coming back for early Saturday, temps are 30 at 5:15 PM.

Thursday 8 PM

We groomed up all the skate lanes on old ABR this morning and reset about 15 km of classic track. 4 groomers heading out early AM. We received a dusting of snow tonight which will groom in well.