Friday 7 PM

Just coming in from checking  trails with Lars, they are looking very good, We groomed all 75 km again early this morning.  Trails are looking mint for the weekend! 

Wednesday 5 PM

What a great day of skiing today.  Sunny sky and 20 degrees wit fresh tracks and firm skate lanes. .Snow hanging on the trees was liking “Grooming through a Christmas Card”  according to one of the groomers. We regroomed about 55 km again this morning, some with the PB some on sleds after grooming 54 km last night  Bullies last night. The bigger PB is heading out at 6  PM  to groom the Highlands and South. Trails should be in tip top shape for the AM with all 75 km groomed ….Ridge Runner will be classic again Thursday..

Tuesday 9:30 PM

We received the forecast snow OK. But it did not turn off until 8 PM. 4 groomers were out from 7- 12. Then we went back out w both Pisten Bully’s and groomed tonight from 5 – 9. …Groomers headed back out in the early AM. 10-12 inches has fallen so far since last night … there is a 1/2 inch on the grooming tonight so far.

Monday 7 PM

We groomed 68 km of trails this morning, resetting tracks and regrooming skate lanes.  We only had a crew of 3 groomers today so we did not complete the grooming until 11 AM but we had a good 55 km done by 9 AM. coffee break.

Groomers are starting a bit later tomorrow morning at 7 AM  so we plan to groom throughout the day if the forecast snow occurs, it is starting about 6 AM and is looking like about 6 inches during the day..