Jan 17 Tuesday

familyWe had a great day of skiing with sunshine and mild temps..We groomed most of the combo trail this morning and we ran the PB on Windy Ridge to firm it up and flatten it out… The picture  is the group that has spent MLK weekend with us for the last 13-14 years…..they have sure grown!

Many questions on the weekend forecast and grooming…..

We groom until the snow is gone or the last weekend of March 26th this year.

We do not preserve the snow if it gets warm by closing, we have equipment to remove frozen ruts etc.

If it rains…..we  groom the trails when it freezes to prevent icy conditions.


January 16th 2017, 7:30 PM

Running the ski trails is very rewarding…..It has its down time when the boiler springs a leak, the pipes all freeze, the sink gets pulled off the wall with the plow truck with  water spraying all over, and one of the Groomers malfunctioning the night before the big SISU ski race….but the rewards are real cool:

5 families from the Madison area came up here in 2003, most of the couples without children or babies. MLK weekend at the Hilltop., In 2009 I photographed 5 children.

Kids Ski Sundays in February

MLK Weekend 2009

Then in 2017 The parents arranged a photo shoot in the same spot with the same children now grown up…..

kids 2017

Monday 7 PM

We had a great day of skiing today, the weather was perfect and snow real nice.

Sunday 7 PM

We groomed up all of the classic only trails this morning widening and packing the edges for pole plants. Skate lanes were powertilled last night and others were touched up this morning. The skiing was rated as the best of the season! Groomers will be back out in the AM touching up  the trails.


Saturday 10 PM

Just coming in from grooming with the Pisten Bully, the trails are looking awesome! We will have a crew of 3 groomers out again in the early AM resetting classic only tracks and completing the combo trails to the south.